Hoops and Bows


Everything I fabricate is custom made to suit all types of installations as every project is different.

General hoop set ups include powder coated metal hoops and end caps, hardwood slats between the hoops with a central metal bar. 

The hoops are made from 20mm x 20mm box section as this is more rigid than the original U channel pressed hoops.


Original VW tilts were made from cotton canvas and fitted loose as the material shrinks in the wet. I use a more modern marine based acrylic canvas, which is weaved to resemble traditional canvas. This material is synthetic but provides a balance between a traditional aesthetic and a practical cover that will last.

The material is also availabe in various colours so almost any design is possible.


Unique vehicles 

If your vehicle has a frame or the van already has hoops then a canvas cover can be made to suit.


I have had the pleasure of working with various creative folks over the last few years on special projects.


Check out the gallery for more details.... 

Prices -

General full set ups including the hoops, end caps, hardwood slats and marine acrylic canvas tilts start at £1650 for Splitscreen and Baywindows. T25's start at £1675 as there is an extra hoop that fits into the gutter above the window. Awnings are extra and depend on the complexity as you will see in the gallery.

Custom projects are always welcome so please get in touch...

Telephone: 07824 479705

Email: vwcanvasworks@gmail.com